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National 2019 January Holidays

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January Fun Workplace Holiday Calendar

Fun January Workplace Holidays

While this is just after the holiday season and the start of the new year, as workers get closer to the end of January, the weather can start to get them down. Perking them up by celebrating National Compliment Day on the 24th or Have Fun at Work Day on the 25th can go a long way toward getting over those winter blues.

The new year has begun and we kick off the month with Motivation & Inspiration Day on January 2nd. When everyone is back to work play some trivia at work to get everyone's minds in gear. But our favorite workplace holidays are "Show & Tell at Work Day" on January 8th and International Fun at Work Day on January 28th.

Creativity Month

January is creativity month, so to celebrate all month long, you can get fun employee gifts like motivational rubix cubes, mental-blocks folding puzzles, and more desk accessories. It's also worth mentioning that January is National Thank You Month, so there might be no better time to remind workers that their continuing efforts are always appreciated.

Customer Favorite Fun Motivation & Gifts

Updated Monday 07-22-2019
Relax Talking Pen 4-pack
starstarstarstarno star from Elliot of Northridge, CA

Relax Talking Pen 4-pack

One of the simple ways of making a great positive impact
One of the best ways to break the ice on a great laugh.... I really love this product and I will buy it again,

one of the pens didn't work

Walk The Talk Penguin Stress Reliever
starstarstarstarstar from Annie of Lynn, Ma.

Walk The Talk Penguin Stress Reliever

Great Little Gift
Sits on my desk when needed gets passed around among employees to help relieve stress great fun

Thumbs Up Pen 4-pack
starstarstarstarstar from Jan B of Gainesville, GA

Thumbs Up Pen 4-pack

Cute Motivational Gift for Desk
These are great for spontaneous recognition of staff going the step above. Cute on the desk and shows others they have been recognized for 'stepping up.'

Excellence Eagle Stress Reliever
starstarstarstarno star from John of DR

Excellence Eagle Stress Reliever

Pretty good
Good and quick reward

You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever
starstarstarstarstar from Kathleen of Undisclosed

You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever

A Perfect Gift for So Many People!
I purchased this product for my hard-working, dedicated niece, who has a family, a full time job, and is going to school to further herself and her family. This "You Rock" squeezable stress reliever will be a big help to her, when things get on the rough side. It is a nice size rock, LOOKS LIKE a rock, and the words, "You Rock" are clear and neatly done. It is very squeezable, and it will hold up for many, many squeezes for sure. My niece can place in anywhere, possibly where she does her homework, take it to work, carry it in her purse or her person, it is a perfect size...not too big, not too small. It is a fun, unique and helpful gift to let someone know that they are being thought of and to root for them when things get tough.

High Five Pen 4-pack
starstarstarstarstar from Human Resources of Jefferson City, MO

High Five Pen 4-pack

Great for gifts
For New Employee Orientation for games