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"As the music editor for High Times, I found that the musicians wanted to do something for the cause, ... So I took them up on their offer. I suggested they do a album like this or commit to a benefit concert. I sort of tapped a vein that hadn't been tapped before."
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"[Despite the proliferation of miracle fixes such as this Stone Age diet, the US population continues to be more walrus than warrior, with Britain not far behind.] Seriously obese people will soon be as common a sight here as they are in America and fad diets won't help them, ... If you want to lose weight long term you have to think in terms of preparing and eating delicious vegetable stews and salad dressings. It's tedious. It's boring. But it works."
"If you knew how scarce lab space is on this campus, you'd understand how big a deal it is to have this kind of laboratory space available. It just opens all kinds of opportunities."
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"There is an argument that medical marijuana is a back door to (recreational) legalization, ... I don't think that, but I do believe it's opening the door for people to learn about the plant."
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