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Harry Pachon Quotes

6 Harry Pachon quotes:

"It might give some companies pause about the potential power that exists there. It does show you a market out there."
Author: Pachon Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"He voted his conscience, even when people made fun of him,"
Author: Pachon Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"Oh my goodness, we've heard such horribly accented Spanish in the past six months, I can't tell you. You kind of wince and you say, 'OK, let's get through the Spanish,' because you know the candidate is really trying to say something to Latinos."
Author: Pachon Quotes Category: Goodness Quotes
"There is also safety in numbers."
Author: Pachon Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Simple demographics. There's going to be more than five and a half million Latino voters voting in November."
Author: Pachon Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"For every 100 Latinos you see walking down the street today, 34 of those 100 are under the age of 18, so they're not qualified to vote. That leaves 66. Of those 66, in certain states, 33 aren't U.S. citizens yet, so that leaves 33 Latinos. Of those 33, something like 16 don't register to vote. That leaves 17. Of the 17 Latinos who are left, about 11 to 12 actually vote."

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