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"I think it is still possible to have a peace agreement, ... It is not a minute possibility. It is a very concrete possibility. Again, the talks in Abuja are not bad at the moment. It is going to the right direction. They are not divided in Abuja. The situation is much better than people are saying. It is not lost."
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"The commanders are united in their desire to continue the talks in order to reach a peace agreement by the end of this year,"
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"Forcing refugees who are the victims of previous conflicts to flee again in the course of the current conflict, which is not of their making, would result in great additional suffering for them."
Author: Pronk Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"This is a good text. It is a balanced text. It is my conviction that it is possible to reach a full agreement."
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"The AU force has helped to establish more stability. They have done an admirable job, highly professional, with much dedication."
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"There is progress and a deal might be in the making."
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"If even weak sanctions are not going to be implemented, the Security Council doesn't take itself seriously and they have to. They have to because otherwise the people on the ground are just laughing."
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"I don't see a voluntary return of more than 1 million displaced people to their villages to start in the next three weeks because of lack of security."
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"Peace is being jeopardized in the short run."
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