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"The reason that some are uncomfortable with 'Taking America Back' is understandable -- in the same way that thieves are uncomfortable when police approach them. The guilty among us do not like truth pointed out when that truth uncovers our weaknesses, sins and fears. ... Joseph Farah does not only describe today's America. He also prescribes. And his prescription, how to take America back so that right and wrong are once again honored, is a prescription that WE KNOW works because for 200 years, that prescription made America the greatest nation on earth."
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"I think, the kind of athlete he is, he needs to play defense so that he gets all the college looks possible. He runs a legitimate 4.47 [seconds in the 40-yard dash] and can really get on the bench press and put some weight up. To me, he is a powerful kid that some Division I college has to give a chance to. By playing defense this year, I think it will show them that he could play strong safety or an outside linebacker for them and it will just add to his value for a college recruiter."
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"Just think about that, Carmen caught 116 balls. We had a passing game that was one of the best in the history of the WPIAL and then this kid [Bogdanski] still puts up the kind of numbers that he did. Just think about that for a minute."
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"to protect their industry, in contrast to the efforts of health ministers, who struggle to keep pharmaceutical expenditures to sustainable levels."
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