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4 Stephen Friedman quotes:

"What we want to focus on long-term is how to make America the most productive economy in the world. That's what lifts income, enables workers to be paid more and makes foreign investors want to invest here."
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"I'm not sure this does terribly much except discredit the politicians in the eyes of the voting public. It has created a great deal of public fuss, but at the end of the day not much has really changed."
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"Just a few years after he would have graduated, Kanye West is at the epicenter of new music, at the top of his game as an artist and producer, ... Who better than Kanye to inspire and educate the next generation of student talent."
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"We're in a society where an awful lot of the institutions we have were built for a different era, an era where we had 16 workers for every retiree."
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