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35 David Guterson quotes:

"Don Quixote is one that comes to mind in comparison to mine, in that they both involve journeys undertaken by older men. That is unusual, because generally the hero of a journey story is very young."
"Even though I may not intend it when I set out to write the book, these places just emerge as major players in what I'm doing, almost as if they are insisting on it."
"I became paralyzed as an artist with writer's block."
"Time made me change. I gradually woke up to the realization that this is who I am, an author, a public figure, and I couldn't just hide in my study, tapping away at the keyboard and pretend that I didn't have a role to play beyond stringing words together."
"I was aware that there is an expectation that writers inevitably falter at this stage, that they fail to live up to the promise of their first successful book, that the next book never pleases the way the prior one did. It simply increased my sense of being challenged."
"What some people interpret as brooding melancholy is serenity. I don't feel required to grasp all the time."
"To persevere is always a reflection of the state of one's inner life, one's philosophy and one's perspective"
"At one level you're condemned to the voice you have. But within those confines, you have a certain amount of freedom to range among your possible voices."
"I was born in Washington State and have lived here for 42 plus years."
"I'm not an urban person."
"What sustains me is to be with my family and to write."
"When it comes time to sit down and write the next book, you're deathly afraid that you're not up to the task. That was certainly the case with me after Snow Falling on Cedars."
"Hemingway said the only way to write about a place is to leave it."
"Cities produce in me melancholy or a tension I don't need."
"I have relaxed into my persona as an author, although I used to fight that."
"I think of myself as a really happy person."
"It doesn't matter who you are, how many awards you've won, how popular you are, or how much critical acclaim you've had."
"It's a brooding melancholy that haunts me."
"My book is traditional. It runs counter to the post-modern spirit."
"Everybody has a world, and that world is completely hidden until we begin to inquire. As soon as we do, that entire world opens to us and yields itself. And you see how full and complex it is."

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