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"I like to protect my players, but I don't like to make excuses. (But) I think anybody that's seen our guys knows that was way too quick (of) a turnaround. And, in all fairness to them, I just wish they could have had some more time. But, they didn't."
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"All three played in pretty good (high school) programs, and that always helps coming into a college situation. But being the first practice, it's still too early to get a read on the freshmen. They're attentive, they're hungry, they have good instincts, they've had good coaching and hopefully they'll continue to stay hungry and continue to get good coaching."
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"That's what college does for people when given the opportunity, ... We've watched him grow into manhood right in front of our eyes. He has enveloped the knowledge, the experience and is a better person who can give more back than anybody I've ever coached. He has grown in so many ways beyond how he plays the game."
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"Highs, lows, it's all part of being a teacher and a coach, ... I look forward to every season with the same mental approach that I'm responsible for developing young men into being players and making them better."
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"I don't know where we'd be without him. That's not conversation. That's a fact. He has that kind of impact on the people around him."
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"They are positions of responsibility, I take them seriously and I try to make sure that I stay up on all the legislation, all the issues and just try to be fair,"
"The guys try to do too much too soon after sitting because of foul trouble. You get a little out of sync."
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"[As a freshman Harris averaged 12.3 points and led the team in steals and blocked shots. While learning the point on the fly last season, he averaged 12.7 points, 4.6 rebounds, 3.1 assists and a conference-high 2.0 steals and directed one of the country's most efficient offenses.] There are so many good guards in the conference that if you don't have one like Devin, you'll get buried, ... He's finding out that he's a natural for the point position."
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"A lot of teams have the potential to be in that top six or seven, which hopefully at the end of the year will lead to teams playing on after the conference."
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"If you don't show some patience against Northwestern, they'll just eat you up. You'll be scratching your head wondering what happened."
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"My parents and sister can drive 15 minutes and see the game, so you can't beat that. Coming back is great, but it's really about our players getting a chance to play in the NCAA tournament."
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