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11 Rick Miller quotes:

"There's a whole series of students across the state for whom higher education isn't even on the radar screen. This will make it affordable."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"With any exercise, you should check with your physician. If you have any previous spinal or joint injuries, consult with a physician."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"We want to foster that conversation between the parent and the teacher. They're the two experts. This would provide specifics for the conversation."
"That's what I really like about the South. It's all about appreciation of the individual."
"It's a normal day after Christmas -- crowded and busy."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"This prime contract is one of the most significant network integration and optical wins for Lucent in the government space. This award underscores our ability to deliver communications solutions -- combining both products and integration services -- that meet the highly specific needs of our government customers."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Western juniper has rapidly expanded into neighboring plant communities over the past 130 years. It has caused increased soil erosion, reduced forage production, altered wildlife habitat, changed plant communities and their structure and biodiversity."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Bohemian Rhapsody performed by 25 of the most annoying voices in the music industry."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"I don't know what its going to take for everyone to stand up and make a difference. I'd love to stand up and tell them enough is enough. but whatever alternative is there?"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"We believe our positioning in Gartner's MSSP Magic Quadrant highlights the satisfaction of our customers and the positive industry perception of our services. During the second half of 2005, we made multiple advancements in the MSSP market, including our new Vulnerability Management Service and the extension of support and management to additional third-party security products. We feel Gartner's recognition confirms that these enhancements are meeting the needs of our customers."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Magic Quotes
"I have always had two qualities: I'm very ambitious and very persistent. I decided that this little joke had potential."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Potential Quotes

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