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"The Fed may be looking at oil prices as a reason for the economy to falter and not a reason for it to overheat, so they won't want to raise rates yet."
"But it looks like Mr. Greenspan is saying the slowdown in the economy will be short-lived and that suggests that the Fed will probably continue to raise rates."
"It suggests the drag on the economy from the trade deficit in the third quarter will not be as great and could help revise up third-quarter GDP a bit,"
"It still shows a pretty healthy economy at this point. The manufacturing side of things and business spending will be good this year."
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"The longer Congress delays helping the economy out, the longer the economy will remain weak."
Author: Thayer Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"The jobless claims drop shows good strength in the labor market at the end of the year. It shows that the economy has recovered after the hurricanes and is heading into the new year with good momentum and good job prospects."
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"We've been seeing improvement in the non-manufacturing side since late last year. We're seeing more activity in the travel sector and others that were hit really hard last year after the terror attacks."
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"We were anticipating that we could see a little bit of an improvement in October because the rebuilding after the hurricanes appears to have started and energy prices have stabilized, but it appears that it will take a little longer for consumers to feel better about things."
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"It speeds up the time that the Fed will probably think about raising rates and that's negative for fixed-income."
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"Fewer people are worried about jobs right now, more people think that jobs are easy to get, and I think that's supporting confidence despite the high energy prices."
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"The lower-than-expected number of new jobless claims shows that the labor market is continuing to improve. It suggests that the economy is strong and that companies are feeling more comfortable about hanging on to workers."
Author: Thayer Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Yields have risen to levels where buyers looking for yields are willing to take a risk and buy."
Author: Thayer Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"We have the potential for that."
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