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"Any allegations against this show we take quite seriously. The credibility of the competition is extremely important to us."
"The most scary position to be in is the No. 1 network. It can breed a specific amount of safety. I think everyone is feeling like there's a target on our back. ... The only way to stay No. 1 is to be aggressive, know there's a target on your back and go for it."
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"It's a phenomenon. It's almost as if there's the NFL season, there's the Major League Baseball season, then it's American Idol season. So we have every hope and aspiration that the show will continue its great run."
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"It is regrettable that we could not find the audience that that show deserved."
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"We would love to have them both, but let's see what happens."
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"We're gearing these crimes to be almost popcornish, ... Killer Instinct."
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"The credibility of that competition is extraordinarily important to us,"
"We have confidence in the show."
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"Baseball is here to stay on Fox. We have it for the next three or four years. We've gone through trial and error in trying to figure out how to launch shows around baseball . . . We've decided to give it a whirl this year where we will launch virtually all our shows before any of our competitors launch theirs."
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