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Greg Thompson Quotes

6 Greg Thompson quotes:

"He'll say some pretty funny stuff at the expense of a lot of people in the audience, but then he'll come back and redeem himself five minutes later."
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"It simply indicates a level of denial that was going on in the Liberal Party and the Parliament of Canada, if you will in terms of the government because this issue was brought to the floor of the House of Commons back four years ago now."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"There is something Canada can do because the ships would have to travel through internal Canadian waters and if the government of Canada says 'no' to the transport of those tankers through those waters, the project would not go ahead,"
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"It means people will have greater choice. If we didn't have that, there would be 475 fewer doctors they'd be able to see."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We are seeing more juveniles involved in more violent crimes, ... I think that's a trend nationwide."
"So he's pretty much groomed for stand-up. He's a funny guy, and he's kind of coming back."
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