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A.J. Burnett Quotes

11 A.J. Burnett quotes:

"Every play they made behind me pumped me up even more and gave me the energy to keep going."
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"I have always been a very passionate player and person. I often wear my emotions on my sleeve, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. I hope that my teammates always respect that of me, as I trust they know my commitment to winning. For those I've offended, I offer my most sincere apologies."
Author: Burnett Quotes Category: Emotions Quotes
"I had more of an opportunity to use it (yesterday) than in the previous game because I'd given up a hit early in both my innings and had to work from the stretch. I was just working on going over the head with the glove and staying a little more quiet ? with more of a direction towards home plate."
"It was mainly the pitch in the second, I felt a little different, no pain, nothing like that as far as the first inning. But I wasn't loose. You know, live arm, the same giddy up that I have had in the past. I was kind of worrying about that and as soon as I threw that pitch I knew what it was."
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"It [pain in the elbow] came on pretty good in the fourth inning. This really is frustrating for me. I feel about two inches tall. It's tough not to be able to go more than four innings."
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"I was still upset. But I got some good phone calls last night ... and that eased me up a little bit and made me feel better. It's good news, but any setback at this time is not good news. But the best came from it."
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"It just goes back to let everybody else worry about the Rocket. Let him take the show, and hopefully I can creep in from behind and take their feet out from under them. Them, not Roger."
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"I was really blown away how J.P. spoke about the things he had in mind for this team."
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"He's just speaking his mind, and that's true, a lot of it is mental. Coming back from this is going to be a lot more mental than physical. But what I was throwing with was not mental. It was pain. When the pain goes out, I just have to get it in my head that I am well and I am ready to go again."
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"Not today, the season. It's a waste. ... Kids are out there busting their butts, and there's still nothing but negativity."
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"Obviously, there's a step before [pitching on Saturday]. Baby steps. I'm not going to go out and pitch if I'm not ready. The good thing is it's only been a handful of days [since the injury], so I shouldn't be that far behind."
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