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"I hope they enjoyed our baseball team. We had a very nice clinic for young kids that went well. It was a good day for our program and a good day hopefully for the city of Ozark."
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"We had a couple of balls where if they get down early instead of being caught, it's a different game. We've got to find a way to get some runs early and get momentum back on our side."
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"It is a game of inches, but we just couldn't get one to go our way tonight. Still, I am proud of our group. They played hard tonight and showed that they are learning how to compete."
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"He's a guy that knows the strike zone well. We'll be giving him more opportunities."
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"We're trying to get another bat or two going. We're trying to solidify things and this early, it doesn't exactly have to be fully solidified, but we're not as far as I'd like to be."
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"The walks and hit batsmen continued to keep him in trouble. He was not as sharp as he has been in his first two games, but he didn't throw that bad. You can't put it all on him."
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"I thought it was very special. I talked to his wife, mother-in-law and see the baby. I thought it was great and Ben had a good day and kept his streak alive. All and all, it was a very good day for us."
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"I don't know whether to be happy or sad. This was an ugly, ugly game. The positive is that we continued to hit the ball well, but we didn't play very good defense, and we didn't pitch very well early in the game."
"Joe didn't have very good stuff tonight, and that is not terribly unusual in a second start. After making a strong start last week, I thought he looked a little tired and you have to be able to battle through that."
"We got ourselves into some trouble early in the game, but once again these kids showed that they never give up. We have had several of these kinds of games over the last couple of weeks, and this team believes it is going to win every time."
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"That takes someone from being a young man to being a man. The guys who I've had that have had a kid or been married or both have handled it well, and Ben seems to be doing the same thing."
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"You don't want them to be around a bunch of people because then you'll have a whole team infected. But they should be all right."
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"Very few times do you get to get as many people quality at-bats in a game situation as we have gotten in the last two days. The negatives are you don't want your team to play a sloppy side of baseball and take things for granted, and we've done that as well."
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