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"Nobody said it's easy being a walk-on. Maybe next time I'll park next to coach (June) Jones. I don't think they would tow his car."
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"Coach (Jones) drew it up for us all week. He said, 'This is how it would be,' and it was. It was awesome."
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"It's a bummer when it rains like that. It makes the balls wet and kind of slippery. Everything is more difficult. That's football. You can play in rain, sleet, snow. It doesn't matter. Today, we just got better at throwing in the rain."
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"This was like our birthday. Before the game, we said, 'It starts from today.' We came here with a purpose, and I thought we played with one. We got the job done, and, hey, we're in first place, right?"
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"There's a pace coach Jones kind of set from day one. No matter what happened, he's never veered from that pace. Now we're seeing the positives of that pace coming through. Now that it's the fourth game, the guys want to do more. If they threw everything at us right away, we would be here right now trying to slow things down instead of trying to accelerate things."
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