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"We wanted to come out, be aggressive and have fun and I think that we did that. That (early lead) gave us the cushion to relax and it took the pressure off us from the get-go."
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"It adds to the rivalry but it also brings it back to reality and softens some of the edges to it. Certainly this is an intense rivalry and when you have family involved it brings it back to a sportsmanlike level."
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"The skip pass was there all night. We weren't getting the ball across and we weren't knocking them down."
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"I remember hugging my dad afterwards and him crying. I remember 'What a feeling associated with victory.' It's the pinnacle of what you do. Boy, it made me want to be a basketball player for my dad in the worst way possible."
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"At about Christmas time we saw some different tapes and thought Memorial was the best team in the state. I thought they had some great chemistry and some really good pieces of the puzzle."
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"We had a little more motivation than some of the other teams in the tournament. Certainly everyone wants to win. We had dreams. I know others had dreams too. But our dreams are awfully deep-rooted. This one is pretty special for us."
"This is something you wouldn't trade for anything. It's an unbelievable way to win a basketball game. Things like this may happen all the time on different levels, but there are so many games that you could go a lifetime and never have it happen to you."
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