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Kurt Faust Quotes

6 Kurt Faust quotes:

"This is a fun time of the year. We've got a couple of big games coming up against the Bay City schools. These are the games that you live to play for."
Author: Faust Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"They just fly to the ball. They get a lot of players to the football. You never see less than 10 guys get to the ball."
Author: Faust Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"This game has been in the back of my mind since August. This is their Super Bowl."
Author: Faust Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"I think they're treading on sacred ground. It's just not a football thing, either. You have girls' basketball going on, cross country, golf and soccer. Communities celebrate that, especially in the smaller ones. There's no room for college athletics Monday through Thursday. I know where (fans') loyalties will lie. They'll lie with the younger kids."
Author: Faust Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We didn't have any timeouts, and I wanted to get Luke's (Briggs's) confidence back up and take the points and get into halftime. At that point, I really didn't feel that we had the momentum to score (a touchdown)."
Author: Faust Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"I love going to Central Michigan University football games. But I'm not going to be able to go on a Thursday or Friday night. I don't know how many other people are going to be able to say that as well."
Author: Faust Quotes Category: Football Quotes

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