John Milius Quotes

30 John Milius quotes:

"I think Francis at half form is better than anybody else by 50%, you know? I think it's just that he has never... he has a late pick of the things that are ambitious enough for him."
"I also thought of myself as the Sonny Barger of the film industry."
"I felt that the Star Wars series became very pretentious as time went on. Just heavy and leaden."
"Writing requires a great deal of skill, just like painting does. People don't want to learn those skills."
"Yeah, I think that's it... It's like Jesse James. He became really popular because he lasted so long. You know, there is some degree of truth to the fact that time will dignify anything, too."
"Also, they don't understand - writing is language. The use of language. The language to create image, the language to create drama. It requires a skill of learning how to use language."
"I mean, the old film critics just excoriated me."
"I've always been able to survive by writing, though."
"Most of the good executives do pretty well. Because to be a good executive you have to be strong, and you have to have a simple attribute that people have forgotten about - courage."
"The filmmakers always have a great level of control."

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