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Jeff Banks Quotes

5 Jeff Banks quotes:

"They're just learning everything on scout team and looking at a card and going through the plays. But now we can evaluate them and make a decision at the end (of spring training), of where basically they fit in with the team and what their opportunities are."
Author: Banks Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"There's a difference between going out to practice and punting, and getting in a game and punting. He has to get the ball off, he's got a live rush, he's got guys coming at him, and I'm trying to work on his mindset. I'm trying to get him to where he's competing against New Mexico State when he gets a snap, and he's not just going out and going through the motions."
Author: Banks Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"When he comes out to the practice field, he knows exactly what to do, and he's ready to compete and get better."
Author: Banks Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"The sewage problems were bad. Dead bodies floated and settled for days and the stench was horrible. The whole thing was horrible. Pick your worst nightmare and double it."
Author: Banks Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"At the beginning of last season, he was on fire. Then it starts to get tough and windy and he's playing away from the Sun Bowl, and it can get really tough. So he had a little bit of a tough time at the end."
Author: Banks Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes

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