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"Third base is a tough position to come in and play in college. Overall, I think he's done more than we really expected of him."
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"I'd never been interested in swing dancing before. I always would go to the skate park or the movies. This is just something cool and different that you can have in common with your friends."
"I hope it's not my last game but it could be as a Rochester American. I definitely don't want it to be."
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"I think competition brings out the best in everybody."
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"John is very athletic for his size. His strength is there. He's got to polish a few things in the passing game and some in the running game, but as long as he has a desire there to want to be successful, he's got all the athletic ability to be successful."
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"I hired her, I'm trying to remember, I think it was through a mutual friend of Richard's and mine. There was no quid pro quo, nothing about Perelman."
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"They're playing with a whole bunch of confidence. That was us last year."
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"It's embarrassing. The emotion that we showed wasn't good enough for our team or the organization."
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"They don't give you a sense that you're fighting in this big place with waters and mountains."
"It should be finished by the time the kids come back to school in September. It was something that had to be done sooner rather than later."
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"It's unbelievable. At the beginning of the season, obviously I didn't think we'd go undefeated, and I never even saw an Eastern Maine championship on the horizon, but I've got to tell you it's unbelievable."
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