Ken Howe Quotes

5 Ken Howe quotes:

"We swung at a lot of first pitches and got outs. It minimized what he had to do for work on the mound. My hat's off to him."
Author: Howe Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"It's the worst part of my job. Year in, year out, it's the thing I hate the most."
Author: Howe Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"In the beginning of the fall, I believe we had 58 guys try out. When we did our first cut, we cut it down to 34."
Author: Howe Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"When we do our cuts, I still do it the old fashion chicken ways. I put up a list of the guys who are going to continue to practice."
Author: Howe Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"The good thing was Jamie minimized the mistakes. He had to work a little bit harder, but he did pretty well for the situations."
Author: Howe Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes

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