Gary Condit Quotes

8 Gary Condit quotes:

"He's still my friend, but I certainly don't condone his behavior."
Author: Condit Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"For now, I want my work in Congress to improve our communities. Please know that you can still bring me your concerns and your problems,"
Author: Condit Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Oh, it's hard to say, but I don't think so."
Author: Condit Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"When you jump to innuendoes and unnamed sources, you have to take some responsibility,"
"She did not ask me that question, ... I told Mrs. Levy the truth. I'm sorry and I regret if she misunderstood what I had to say. ... I never lied to Mrs. Levy."
Author: Condit Quotes Category: Regret Quotes
"I feel like that for some reason, internally, that as a mother that it's possible that my daughter would have graduated and she would be here with us"
Author: Condit Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"Gary stood by his principles, and he's going to continue to stand by his principles. And if they take his committees away, they take his committees away,"
Author: Condit Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"I've been married for 34 years, and I intend to stay married to that woman as long as she'll have me."
Author: Condit Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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