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Larry Goldstein Quotes

8 Larry Goldstein quotes:

"The hope is it will be helpful. (But) what we believe in our heart of hearts often is wrong when it gets into a randomized trial."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"I'm not sure Bolivia is the end of this game."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"The first line of defense used to be drawing on stocks, and the last was price. Today, there's not enough spare crude or refining capacity. So, there's only price that's left as the defense mechanism."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"It depends on what cell lines are made available. I am for anything that broadens the opportunity for scientists to conduct research on stem cells. But the devil is in the details."
"[One other risk factor for a big stroke is a little stroke, a transient ischemic attack. About 1 in 10 people who have these spells has a major stroke within three months. The signs are similar, but] the trouble is they come and go so quickly that people tend to dismiss them, ... That's the exact wrong thing to do."
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"But given the low level of inventories, strong global demand and lack of a cushion, we believe the market still has and will continue to have an upside risk."
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"It's cool science. It broadens the debate. But it will solve problems for some, and make problems for others."
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"We're going to have to take the full brunt of the negative impact in the marketplace, ... In a market environment you cannot have an imbalance between supply and demand, so price is your rationer. ... The price has to go up enough to destroy enough demand to bring things back in balance."

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