Daniel Day-Lewis Quotes

29 Daniel Day-Lewis quotes:

"I think I have a strange relationship with time. I'm not really aware of that time passing. I don't feel that I'm wasteful with time. But I'm not aware of it passing."
"I would wish for any one of my colleagues to have the experience of working with Martin Scorsese once in their lifetime."
"I suppose the place where I live is fairly remote, it would seem remote to some people."
"At a certain age it just became apparent to me that this was probably the work that I would have to do."
"Everybody has to know for themselves what they're capable of."
"How people are around a director, it really does affect everything, every detail of the life of the movie."
"I don't know what impression you might have of the way I live. I live in a quiet place. I do not live as a hermit, though other people would prefer it if I did."
"I feel less often compelled to do the work than I was in the past."
"I find it easier to work when it's quiet."
"I hate wasting people's time."
"I made the film in spite of Harvey, not because of Harvey."
"I see a lot of movies. I love films as a spectator, and that's never obscured by the part of me that does the work myself. I just love going to the movies."
"I think some actors thrive on working at a much greater pace than I do."
"I try to honor that bargain that I made with myself that I wouldn't do this work unless I really felt the need to. I just didn't see the point."
"I was a savage for so many years of my life. There was some seed of determination in me that I was not conscious of. I was mostly consciously getting into trouble and drunk."
"I'm not always doing this work, but whatever I'm doing when I'm not doing this work seems to be as much a part of this as anything else."
"I'm very often still very much alive for that other being and that other world long after the film is finished."
"If people take an interest in you and they think there's half a chance, they might hang on. It's dreadful."
"It's a complete illusion, this notion. We create for ourselves this strange delusion that we exchange our lives for someone else's."
"Making a film, setting it up and getting it cast and getting it together, is not an easy thing."

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