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"There's one moment with my mother that sticks out in my mind, ... She was battling cancer. She'd already had chemotherapy and her hair was falling out. I was walking home from high school. My mother was sitting on the front porch with the radio on. She was singing a song called 'Noah, Noah' by a Latin singer named Juan Gabriel. I started singing and dancing with her, and I could see that she was happy despite the pain. That was a very special moment for me. That's the best memory I have of my mother."
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"Lose this fight and you'll be fighting on ESPN on Friday nights."
"This guy is even worse. Because when I get back to Puerto Rico and train, believe me, I'm going to knock you out. You can laugh. May 6, you're not going to laugh. You'll see."
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"I'll go support it. Why not? If it's a good movie, I'm there. If he couldn't win an Oscar when we fought, maybe he'll win an Oscar outside the ring."
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