Oscar Hoya Quotes

4 Oscar Hoya quotes:

"I'll go support it. Why not? If it's a good movie, I'm there. If he couldn't win an Oscar when we fought, maybe he'll win an Oscar outside the ring."
Author: Hoya Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Lose this fight and you'll be fighting on ESPN on Friday nights."
"There's one moment with my mother that sticks out in my mind, ... She was battling cancer. She'd already had chemotherapy and her hair was falling out. I was walking home from high school. My mother was sitting on the front porch with the radio on. She was singing a song called 'Noah, Noah' by a Latin singer named Juan Gabriel. I started singing and dancing with her, and I could see that she was happy despite the pain. That was a very special moment for me. That's the best memory I have of my mother."
Author: Hoya Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"This guy is even worse. Because when I get back to Puerto Rico and train, believe me, I'm going to knock you out. You can laugh. May 6, you're not going to laugh. You'll see."
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