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Kix Brooks Quotes

7 Kix Brooks quotes:

"They asked us last night if we'd be interested in doing some more shows with them, and we said, 'Yeah.' So we're just kinda looking at all the options right now. It would be fun to do some more shows with them. We're just trying to see how our schedules work out."
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"We were influenced by classic country acts like Merle Haggard and George Jones and Hank Williams but also by Clapton and the Stones and all the rock acts like that. I mean, what guitar player didn't start out with 'Satisfaction'?"
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"When they said they wanted to experience it, I thought, 'Come on.... We're gonna show you a real good time!' And they gave me almost a whole day, so they sure did get a lot of ground covered...I don't know how often they have to go 4-wheeling or climb trees to do what they do, but that day, they did. Thank heavens those guys are athletic and have a sense of humor, 'cause we tore it up."
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"They haven't come up with the force of nature that can stop us. Because we live to play, and no matter what it takes, we WILL find a way to make it happen. It may not be according to the original plan, but we don't care... we just wanna get out there and shake it up."
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"He gave us a lot of freedom, and he has a lot of respect for what we do."
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"We've got our friends in the world of sports,"
"That's just a part of your soul. I couldn't be complacent about that no matter how much I wanted to. Sometimes thinking I have to write songs for an album feels like I have to study for an exam. Then as soon as I start writing I remember how much I love the process. We both do."
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