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"I think you see a lot of size there, and from what I saw of the strength level (during Thursday testing), I think the strength levels were also solid. I do think it's a decent class."
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"just an execution thing."
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"It's kind of like someone gets the shanks when they're kicking, or when you're hitting the driver in golf. You get the shanks, and you can't get out of it for a while, so don't keep putting (the ball) back on the tee."
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"Any time you sign that contract, you understand the commitment. Those are the things that happen in this profession. You have to accept them."
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"But it would be wrong to say I'm upset. I take it as a compliment that Denny didn't feel like they could go out there and replace me. At least that's what was communicated to me."
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"I think it's a good thing. When you coach five guys, you don't see all five. Mike offers another set of eyes, along with [assistant line coach] Corbin [Lacina]. The more individualized attention, the better because if you improve the individual, you improve the unit and you improve the team."
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"We're going to see some mistakes with him, but he's the type of kid who doesn't make the same mistake twice. He's willing to ask questions some guys are hesitant to ask. I like the way he stays on top of the mental aspect of the game."
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"As a group, this last week was probably our highest-graded performance."
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"He's going to have to get a lot of reps. It's not punishment. It's really a good thing for him."
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