Brian Henderson Quotes

7 Brian Henderson quotes:

"that's where the idea came from that exercise might affect risk for breast cancer."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"If you are going to exercise, there are other good reasons, ... But protection from breast cancer is not one of them."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"To solve complex biological problems, scientists must move beyond the confines of their own discipline and explore new organizational models for team science."
"Zach is a nice player and he comes up with big goals. There are very opportune times when we need him. When his wrist shot is on in tight, he can spark the team when we need them."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"It was a good game. I thought at no point was anyone in control. It was one of the best defensive efforts we've had for an all-star game."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"I think as far as the potential of this team, it's pretty good,"
"Their commitment level is very high and their work ethic is very good, ... I like the fact we've got some girls that are physical and really get after it."

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