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"I would believe the concerns for a loved one in the stands and the fact he just went up to see if everything was OK would be a mitigating circumstance. It would be a scary situation if you had concerns for a wife or child in the stands. I can understand why he went up there."
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"After games, emotions sometimes take over a little bit. The bottom line is we have six games to make this right. We'll find out if we deserve it or not."
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"We have to establish some consistency. We have to have more intensity on defense because that leads to opportunities on offense."
"It's a deceptive final score. It was obviously a very difficult game. It's not easy against a team like Golden State because they are so explosive."
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"In the second half, his disposition was different at both ends. He made great decisions, he played unselfishly and he made big shots when we had to have them. We couldn't have done it without him."
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"They've become a very strong-willed team. Their defensive toughness is in evidence. They're more consistent on defense and in their rebounding. This is an adjustment in their style that they were playing. They were more of a free-flowing team and that has changed."
"He has an affinity for the 'everyman' type of player, ... He's been here the last two summers working out with summer league players. It's something he has a liking for."
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"Without a doubt. He is the biggest reason why they're where they are now. There's nothing he can't do."
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"I'm sad for him, for his family. A situation like this couldn't happen to a more undeserving person. Jonathan really is a great kid. He wanted to play basketball in the worst way and he wanted to help this franchise in the worst way."
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"We have an 11-game season to make a push to make the playoffs. There's nothing guaranteed. We'll find out what we're made of during this stretch. The frequency of games is still there. We're a little banged up, but we have to find a way. I have a lot of confidence in our group."
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"Michael Redd was a guy we talked a lot of about before the game. (Jackson) did a good job at the start and our whole team reacted to him."
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"With 15 games left, we have to get to the group we feel can make a run."
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"The guys got together and decided to make a stand. If we hadn't won three straight games, we could easily be out of the playoff picture."
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"It's great to see the kind of generosity our players and franchise have shown. You could tell [Mindy] was very touched by the gesture, so that makes everybody feel good."
"He's getting the job done; it's as simple as that. My hat's off to him. He's been in and out of the lineup. He keeps showing up every day and coming to work like a pro. He's kept himself ready for this opportunity and he's obviously taking advantage of it."
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"We fought back after a horrendous first half where we really didn't play with much passion and we really showed signs of being a selfish team. That can't be what our team has to be about. We talked about some things at halftime and our guys really came out and fought and earned one of the toughest wins we've gotten all year long."
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"He's experienced and has played him a lot. He's done well with him in the past and he's the best guy that we have. We're fortunate that he's feeling better for a game that we're playing against the biggest, strongest guy in the game."
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"Just didn't seem like we were really right, all night. I don't have a reason why that is. We never got anything sustained."
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"It was clear to me he knew the situation. He knew to spread the floor and look for an opportunity to break down the defense. He made a great play."
"Anthony Johnson played a terrific game. He's playing with great aggressiveness and savvy and understanding the pulse of the team he is running."

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