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11 Raymond Kelly quotes:

"Things were moving in the right direction, ... We're going to slowly reduce our coverage to what it was pre-Oct. 6."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"We have to react quickly to world events, ... We don't know when there is a bombing someplace else in the world, whether or not it's part of a conspiracy, a bigger plot."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"This was not an exercise in Monday morning quarterbacking,"
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"Flight attendants went back and checked the coffee filters, and they were filled with heroin, six kilos of heroin within the coffee filter,"
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Coffee Quotes
"The motive and the exact circumstances of the shooting are now under investigation,"
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"It's believed to be some sort of food substance, but we can't substantiate that ..."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"While nobody becomes a police officer for the money, no one should have to live on the starting salary ... $25,100."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"I want to stress that American Airlines fully cooperated in this investigation, ... Top management was informed about the suspected employees from the start and offered law enforcement authorities whatever access they needed to execute the investigations."
"I ask the corporate leaders present here today, who are you hiring for $25,000 a year? Certainly not those who are in the most critical position to determine the success or failure of your organization."
"[Thursday, an anonymous caller told police that] someplace in the city, there was a large wild animal, ... There was a large wild animal who was biting people."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"This is what happens when police get tunnel vision. They shoot the arrow, then they draw the target. They lose their objectivity and that's why we have juries."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Police Quotes

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