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"These kidnappings represent a significant gap in the country's security and undermine public confidence in the ability of both Iraqi government and coalition forces to maintain order and protect Iraqi citizens from violence - whether insurgent or criminal."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"There's absolutely no doubt that executing him would turn him into a martyr."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"I think this is one of the major challenges that we face in the U.S.. The major incidents in the U.S. have not conformed to our stereotype of an established terror organization attacking a major iconic landmark."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Challenges Quotes
"terrorists can still accomplish their basic aims of fear and intimidation just as well by using entirely conventional weapons -- the gun and the bomb."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"We may be setting up new TV and radio stations, and that's fine, but ... they're getting their information from the Internet."
"So, in other words, all the lessons that they're learning on how to attack the United States are being communicated and shared not only throughout Iraq but with insurgents and terrorists throughout the world."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"He knows the terrain, he knows the problems and he understands the solutions. He's bringing the right vision, but this is the vision that should've been brought three years ago."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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