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Renee Montgomery Quotes

8 Renee Montgomery quotes:

"I didn't take it personally because he's the coach and he knows what he's doing. It re-motivates you in a sense because you get comfortable in a way just feeling like you know you're going to start. I think it turned out to be a good thing in the end. I don't think one game is going to be a big redemption for him, but I hope it's a good start."
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"I think this is a great step and I think it gives Ann a lot of confidence as well as Barbara and (Crockett), that they can take over the game and they can control the game. And that's all we'll need going into the (NCAA) tournament, because if they all play the way they did, we're going to win."
"They're our leaders in every aspect. Ann, she just leads by example. ... The biggest thing is that when Coach gets on you, he's only trying to help you. Sometimes, people let it get the best of them because he's so intense, you might think he doesn't like you. But the best thing is to take it as a positive."
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"I think we learned to trust each other more. A lot of times we weren't making that extra pass in the Rutgers game because people were trying to take it upon themselves to get things going. But now I think that we trust each other. We make that extra pass and somebody's going to make that shot and I think that's what's going to get us through the game."
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"She has definitely made an improvement. Part of it is if she messes up, she is not going to mess up the same way twice. I think if nothing else that is the biggest thing about her. She is learning from her mistakes."
"I just saw it and ran. It's basically instinct. When you see the ball, you go get it."
"I guess he?s a genius, he always knows things before they happen. It?s disappointing because you don?t ever want to take a step back. Nobody?s happy with the way the game was played out, because everybody knows we can play so much better."
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"I hope it's the last one. I guess he's a genius. He always knows things before they happen. He sees it coming."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Genius Quotes

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