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"Luke and I played that way in college, and it worked great for our team. But this team needs a sweeper in the back. The 3-5-2 alignment gives us more depth in the back and more numbers in the midfield."
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"We had a real patchwork team. Mauro was hurt, so he had to play cautiously. Then Nelson ended up getting hurt."
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"We're trying to implement our overall ideas and thoughts. We're trying to do that with high school kids that have been exposed to lots of different ideas already."
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"I hate to say [I'm happy] about a tie. They say a tie is like kissing your sister, but we were able to come back with a score. We're showing progress, it's just a shame it's so late in the season. We had good character [Monday night] and played a great game against Rogers."
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"We've made significant progress this year. Everyone has made progress as soccer players. It just bums me out that it's taken this long. But we know that the juniors will have the basic ideas down when they come back next season."
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