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"We hope this has a snowball effect and that more arrests will be made soon."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"The problem is the technology picks up some kind of anomaly or variation of soil. We go in with big backhoes and bulldozers, we spend all day doing it, and all we hit is rock or water tables."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"We'll certainly comply with the court's orders. We will move on it immediately and not delay. Our lawyers will be deliberating internally as to whether or not there will be any further appeals."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"If removal to Somalia is not possible, we will look for a third country. We will coordinate with our offices in Washington and also with Omar in terms of what kind of travel documents he can get."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"They're staying in San Diego, and there is a demand, and suppliers are trying to meet that demand."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"The next step for us will be to conduct forensic lab analysis of his computers. To see what images are on the computers, how many and how they got there."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"We've now got a dedicated tunnel task force, which works with the DEA and border patrol to proactively look for tunnels."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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