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Bruno Julliard Quotes

8 Bruno Julliard quotes:

"The current state of social tension is such that I fear the president just put oil on the fire."
Author: Julliard Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"Everyone would know that it would also be a rejection of the government, so it could be a way out of the crisis."
"We want to see how we can take advantage of this power struggle that is now in our favor to garner new victories."
Author: Julliard Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"We are on the edge of victory."
Author: Julliard Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"If the government wants to continue using force, then we are heading towards a serious conflict."
Author: Julliard Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"We are on the edge of victory, The determination of youth is at a high level."
"We have the impression the government has decided to respond to the student movement with truncheons and repression."
"If by (Saturday night) the government doesn't withdraw this contract, we'll continue."

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