Scotty George Quotes

4 Scotty George quotes:

"I think we're going to see a successful third quarter, but it's going to be determined by the quality of the earnings."
Author: George Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"Clearly, the market has been on hold with the events in Iraq, and we're now nearing a crisis deadline. Markets love to work with a balance of certainty. After several weeks of selling, we're now looking at some value hunting."
Author: George Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Until we get some sort of clear-cut message about where we're going in terms of the conflict with Iraq, the economic slowdown and corporate profits, fiscal policy, and everything else, we're going to keep seeing this kind of action."
Author: George Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"I mean we've had a consolidation but we haven't penetrated any long term support levels, and so, as I said, we're in a period of commonality where traditional market leadership may take hold and make some of us older guys look a little better than the-you know, high tech performers."
Author: George Quotes Category: Support Quotes

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