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11 Tom Gallagher quotes:

"Increasing our investigative force and pursuing tougher laws will strengthen our ability to put scam artists behind bars and enforce our message that we intend to put the brakes on this costly crime."
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"Education is probably the most important thing we can do for our citizens."
"Wash the Girl of Your Choice, ... The club is open 365 days a year, or close to it, and I don't know the last time it closed down for a cleaning."
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"We need to continue to see to it that we have a world class education. If we do that, that takes care of so many problems."
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"What I'm proudest of, we've done all this without an income tax."
Author: Gallagher Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"It's a natural part of the transition. Once his successor was named, it made sense that he kind of take a step back."
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"We have zero tolerance for insurance agents who deceive our seniors and cheat them out of their hard-earned retirement funds."
"This scheme had the potential to jeopardize patient care. We will not tolerate anyone putting our citizens at risk."
"The eight hurricanes which stuck Florida in less than 15 months created problems that no one could have ever anticipated. Addressing those challenges, reducing the burdens on Florida homeowners and preparing Florida's families for future storms remain my top priorities this session."
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"My understanding (of state law) is these are public companies and the amount of shares I owned were insignificant, and I didn't see any conflict."
Author: Gallagher Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"I wanted to offer to the people an opportunity to vote to spend a penny on prisons. Didn't say it had to be a new penny - could have been an old penny."

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