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15 Michael Gross quotes:

"Investors looked to KPMG for tax advice. They looked to us as an investment adviser to execute a variety of stock and option transactions, We got out of the business of working with large accounting firms more than five years ago."
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"ACORN has the proven ability to organize and mobilize its membership for community outreach, and we are pleased to support them in this all-out effort to reach hurricane victims and put them in contact with their lender."
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"We've had inquires about adult education and prep courses,"
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"They say in this, for example, ... that they will get back to any consumer within 60 days. Can you imagine being stranded in a foreign country, or even in Chicago without your bags and calling up and they're going to tell you they'll get back to you in 60 days?"
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"It was then I decided I wanted to be in the travel business."
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"The hardest thing in doing this book was finding out who lived there."
"People who commit crimes against children serve their time, however those children are scarred by this for life. We want to do everything we can to protect them against that."
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"It's a small operation, compared to anybody like Waste Management. We're not a Wall Street company. The nice thing about that is, if we want to do something, we do it. We don't have to run it up the corporate flagpole."
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"[Gross also made a memorable appearance as a psychologist on Michael J. Fox's last episode of] Spin City ... (Michael) just sort of hit me with his hand after we finished and said, 'It feels just like the old days, doesn't it?' And I said, 'Yeah, it really does!'"
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"It's purely up to the federal government to regulate standards for automotive safety."
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"I feed him interesting food, like chutneys and sardines and jalapenos, because I'm training him to be an adventuresome eater."
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"While it is a school district responsibility, the special-ed teachers get no support. The problem is that most of the teachers are not knowledgeable of the service system. And the teachers are not given time to learn the service system."
"We're trying the best that we can. Our trucks are quiet for garbage trucks but first thing in the morning it doesn't take much to make a lot of noise."
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"The city made up its mind that the store had to go and they weren't going to spare any expense."
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"Relational databases just could not meet the [data volume] requirements, so we turned to in-memory databases."
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