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"Since we're young, it's a good experience to have during the season. The more experience you have swimming against top quality teams and top quality kids, the better you're going to get."
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"She still got the experience."
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"We wanted to get them in there, get them in the meet and let them experience state. It's a lot different type of meet. There's a lot of stress and pressure on them. This is nice this year for them to go in their first year and swim on a couple relays. It looks like they got a good shot at swimming on Saturday. The more races you get at that level, the better."
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"Our girls were not afraid to go up against them in the races and swim."
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"Both on the guys and girls side, tomorrow is where it counts. Those swimmers got to go a little bit easier today. The ones where we needed to have them go and swim fast, those kids swam fast."
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"It's a good swim. She had a tough heat. We were hoping she would have someone to race with. The three girls that went out in the pack were so far ahead in her heat. It was hard for her. She was swimming on her own."
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"Our kids really like it. We'll get them ready for next week. It was good. I was happy with how we did. The Tualatin boys were going to be tough to beat. They're very deep."
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"We have things to work on and we also learned some things."
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