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Klaus Toepfer Quotes

26 Klaus Toepfer quotes:

"This is a real environmental and health achievement and I pay tribute to all those governments, companies and others such as the World Bank who kept this promise."
"The extraordinary rise in both human populations and consumption levels leaves us no choice but to take innovative and ambitious actions to reverse the widespread destruction of species and ecosystems,"
Author: Toepfer Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"I am delighted that we have finally come together to forge a forward-looking road map for closer cooperation."
"We have a duty to rescue our closest living relatives as part of our wider responsibilities to conserve the ecosystems they inhabit"
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"I'm utterly convinced that it should not be included in any type of (agreement)."
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"The main quest for overcoming poverty and a secure future is to make energy available because we cannot cut poverty if we cannot bring affordable energy to the people."
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"Indeed locating more and more Olympic events away from sensitive rural areas and into city centers with good access to public transport -- especially if this contributes to urban renewal and renovation of redundant buildings and structures -- may be an environmentally sound step forward for future games."
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"One area that the IOC might wish review is the issue of recycling of sporting infrastructure. Take bobsleigh for example. TOROC did a great job to try and mitigate its environmental impact. But the fact remains that constructing, operating and maintaining what is effectively a huge fridge in the mountains raises many fundamental questions of sustainability."
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"In terms of the environment, the two organizing committees are taking forward a green torch first lit at Lillehammer, Norway in 1994,"
"You only have to look at the tropical forests, home to the great apes. Economists now calculate that they are worth US$60 billion a year as a result of their ability to remove and store global warming gases from the atmosphere alone,"
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"more detailed field analysis of soil and water quality is needed to gauge the exact state of rehabilitation."
Author: Toepfer Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"I've been asked whether we can justify trying to protect wildlife when there's so much human suffering on the planet but the two are actually not exclusive."
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"This is a real environmental and health achievement."
"The UN calls upon the Kenyan government to clarify the circumstances surrounding today's events at the Standard Group, and to take the appropriate action against those responsible, including legal action if necessary."
"This is a grim prognosis based on business as usual,"
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"So it must be a clear signal that, in order to avoid such a disaster, we must deploy technologies and adopt economic measures that are already available and feasible."
Author: Toepfer Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"We have a duty to rescue our closest living relatives as part of our wider responsibilities to conserve the ecosystems they inhabit."
Author: Toepfer Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"It is clear from this report, and from a series of other studies published throughout the year, that the environment is something like the red ribbon running through the Millennium Development Goals."
"In the past the environment has been viewed as something like a Hermes silk tie or a Gucci handbag-a luxury only affordable when all other issues have been resolved, but this (WRI) report, allied with a series of other new and authoritative studies released over recent months such as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, overturns this myth and underlines in graphic detail the importance of `natures` natural capital alongside financial and human capital,"
"The evidence of their rapid revival is a positive signal, not only for the environment and the local communities who live there, but must be seen as a contribution to wider peace and security for the Iraqi people."

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