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17 David Harris quotes:

"It's quite disturbing, in an age of terror, to think that you can have people showing up with demonstrably false and fraudulent documents,"
"I think he's just going to regret it, ... You know, in the modern age the list of forbidden books and the Inquisition ended a long time ago."
"We appreciate Mr. Schwab's quick action in investigating how that article got into print, in expressing his regret publicly, and in assuring that appropriate steps have been instituted to ensure that this will never happen again."
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"I can go a year before an oil change."
"Civil rights are more important today than they ever have been in our country. There is so much divisiveness today."
"There are a lot of criminals in this city, ... We were the first on the water, we were the first to rescue people."
"We're getting letter from people saying they just feel refreshed by another voice within the Anglican church of Canada,"
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"We expect to execute in such a fashion that not only do our clients enjoy working with us, but word gets out,"
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"to just throw cord blood away."
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"It's just a fabulous new education option for our community. We have a desperate need for a school like this."
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"People are funny; how do we get that on screen? For one thing, awkwardness."
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"People who you call friends turn their backs on you. They leave while we have killings, lootings and rapes, and when people need to be rescued,"
"It shouldn't be enough that by putting a foot on Canadian territory people are quite literally home and dry."
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"We expect to move relationships from other banks,"
"It says that whatever your language or color, or house of worship you attend -- or don't attend -- you are equal before God."
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"I keep points throughout our practice rounds and team members are chosen based on their point totals. I've kept those totals since we started practicing in January."
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"They practice about six hours here at school each week in the afternoon. In addition they spend at least four hours on their own at home. They work hard."
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