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"You don't strip-search someone for a traffic violation. They made a mistake. They don't want a class-action suit. Other people will come out of the woodwork, on minor charges, saying (police) strip-searched them, too."
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"Gene 'Mr. America' Stanlee was one of my favorites as a younger boy. I think he was one of the best 'showmen' in the business, but I never would bet on him in a 'shoot' even if it was against my Aunt Tillie after we dug her up from the grave. I saw him in a match with Guy LaRose when Guy had to put him over two straight. That was when LaRose was leaving Paul Bowser's office and heading for Chicago where he became 'Hans Schmidt.' Guy didn't like it one but, but did his job. Gene was extremely hot at that time and was selling out wherever he went."
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"This process gave the students the real-world experience of applying for a job. The panel not only talked with the students, but received teacher input as well."
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"Look (at) metals prices. As we rebuild inventories, as the whole industry economy starts to gear up, these guys (Freeport does) well. As the global economy starts to gears up, they also do well because they have a significant portion of sales overseas,"
"Retail sales is the single best indication of overall demand in the economy. It's one of the things the Fed is keying on because (of) when they started raising interest rates."
"Retail sales is the single best indication of overall demand in the economy,"
"The domestic economy, the consumer side of this economy remains very strong and that's what's pushing everything forward."
"These companies are responding very nicely to improved budgets for exploration and production going forward,"
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"Everything's playing into the idea that the stress in the economy is beginning to ease. The Fed will take that bias away from inflation and make their risk assessment more balanced between inflation and growth. I think in all of the major indexes the bottoms have sort of been made here in October, and now we're ready to advance. I don't think it's a huge advance...trends are definitely in the investors' favor."
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"Maybe in the packaging area -- as we make things, we have to ship them -- Sealed Air, which is a company that I actually own myself, which makes bubble packing,"
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"The whole thing with the government has not really weighed on this company at all, ... The company has continued to grow itself and sort of change its stripes from a ugly competitor to a more sort of new, friendlier Microsoft."
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"You have more choices on defensive linemen for the 3-4, ... There's such a premium on 6-5, 285-pound defensive ends and defensive tackles. It's hard to find those guys. You don't have to find big, big guys in that defense because it's all movement. There's more movement than toe-to-toe stuff. You can be more flexible with their movement."
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"The fact is, ... that trends are pointing to the fact that the labor market's very strong. With this much growth, you have to think [inflation and consequent interest rate hikes might be] are out there. There's pressure out there eventually. Right now, the key is to stay big cap; for good earnings visibility, we're kind of cannibalizing the many to feed the few at the top. If you want to stay invested, stay there. If you want to get defensive, use rallies to sell into because people are giving you good prices again here."
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"These companies have very steady earnings growth, and they are servicing the Internet in substantial ways, the result of which is often bigger revenues bigger than a lot of the companies on Internet-related activities."
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"The leadership is going to stay with companies that have very strong earnings growth,"
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"He knows the league. He's been around the league for 12 years. That's a quality I think counts for something. He's been around some good programs. You look at the success of those teams, he's had his fingerprints on them. I think he's a good hire for the Vikings."
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"Get going. Get up and walk if you have to, but finish the damned race."
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"I think you know you can find some interesting areas. And I've been trying to figure out - you know, the race doesn't go to either the tortoise or the hare right here, but maybe to the ants, the guys who sort of work hard all the time, and grow steadily,"
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"They have not been attractive stocks to own this year because they've had trouble growing revenues, ... But now, all of a sudden, that nice steady growth in earnings -- coupled with the fact that because of the weaker dollar, their translated earnings from international sales are going to be much stronger -- (means) these companies are looking very attractive."
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"[Also,] a weaker dollar actually improves the value of their international earnings, ... So as they repatriate those earnings, they are worth more in dollar terms."
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