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"Instead of taking action to bring down gas prices dramatically before the Fourth of July holiday, (Vice President Al) Gore, Browner and President Clinton are pointing fingers to blame everyone, but not themselves, for busting the summer vacation budgets of millions of Americans,"
"a recipe for disaster -- the same kind of disaster that occurred on 9/11."
"Large FBI foul-ups used to be extraordinary events, yet now they appear to be deteriorating into regular occurrences."
"creation and maintenance of a court system that allows citizens to adjudicate disputes is a fundamental responsibility of government."
"To justify the president's criminal behavior by demonizing those who seek to hold him accountable ignores the fact that President Clinton's actions and those actions alone precipitated the investigations which have brought us here today,"
"The measure of a nation's commitment to the sanctity of life is reflected in its laws and to the extent those laws honor and defend its most vulnerable citizens."
"The EPA doesn't know the economic consequences of its decisions, ... They made a foolish, wrong mistake and our consumers are paying for it."
"Federal law says that when there is a division between the houses in Congress, the set of electors that is certified by the governor by the state is the one that counts. That's going that's going to set off a firestorm of controversy."
"When a person's intentions regarding whether to receive lifesaving treatment are unclear, the responsibility of a compassionate nation is to affirm that person's right to life, ... In our public actions, we must build a culture of life that welcomes and defends all human life."
"That's what we were trying to stop by changing the provisions in the conference report, and I regret that we failed. But I can assure you this issue is not going to go away,"
"The president engaged in a conspiracy of crimes to prevent justice from being served. These are impeachable offenses for which the president should be convicted."
"But did he lie?"
"We have to be forward-looking in how we explore space,"
"Obviously the current approach on steroids both in professional sports and amateur sports is not working,"
"We are here today because President William Jefferson Clinton decided to put himself above the law, not once, not twice, but repeatedly,"
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