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"Whatever the criticisms and the after-action report may be about what was right and what was wrong looking back, what would be a horrible tragedy would be to distract ourselves from avoiding further problems because we're spending time talking about problems that have already occurred,"
Author: Russert Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"America has just begun the 21st century. if you could select two items for a time capsule that best represents America in the 21st Century. what would they be?"
Author: Russert Quotes Category: America Quotes
"The Bills, I believe, have a very good future if this agreement can be worked out, thoroughly discussed, and everything is open."
Author: Russert Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Looking at the high cost of occupation in Iraq and the needs we have in this country, would it not have been better to have smaller tax cuts in order to keep down the deficits."
"The nation's and the world's eyes have been on Hurricane Katrina, and the result of that… as governor, what would be your precise evacuation plan for Northern Virginia, and please take into mind the number of people who live below the poverty line, the number of households that do not own automobiles who live in this area."
Author: Russert Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"there was a perception created of incompetence, some even said callousness and he needs to replace it with compassion."
Author: Russert Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"to suggest that we need several hundred thousand troops there after military operations cease, after the conflict ends, I don't think is accurate. I think that's an overstatement."
Author: Russert Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"And you are convinced the Kurds, the Sunnis, the Shiites will come together in a democracy?"
Author: Russert Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"Shouldn't the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of New Orleans bear some responsibility"
"She can laugh at the mayor."
Author: Russert Quotes Category: Laughter Quotes
"Should they stop running that ad?"
Author: Russert Quotes Category: Running Quotes

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