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Jim Colborn Quotes

7 Jim Colborn quotes:

"He's shown significant improvement. He's in the top few guys in terms of tidying up his delivery."
"But maybe the action on Derek's pitches trumps that."
Author: Colborn Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Staying with Jim was the result of a very fortunate time in my life. I really had two first choices of where I wanted to be, with Jim or with the Mariners, a first-class organization to work for, ... at least one of the top candidates."
Author: Colborn Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"They certainly have talent, but what you really notice is that they're beyond their years in knowing how to pitch. They have an instinct."
Author: Colborn Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"These Pirates ... They're a great team waiting to happen. I honestly feel as though I have this grave responsibility to shape this young staff into what it could become -- and what it could become is frighteningly good."
"The truth is, we're trying to get him to throw exactly like he did in previous years. It's a sense of timing and knowing where your body parts need to be in the delivery on the way to home plate. It's timing of the different parts."
Author: Colborn Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"But maybe the action on Derek's pitches trumps that,"
Author: Colborn Quotes Category: Action Quotes

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