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21 Greg McDermott quotes:

"Part of coaching and playing the game is dealing with adversity. It shows its face in a lot of different ways, and you have to be able to rise above that. That's what our intentions are."
"He sees things while the action is going on that other coaches don't see. If there are holes in an offensive or defensive scheme, he's got the creative mind to take advantage of that. And he's a teacher of the game. I just think he's more than ready."
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"We talked about where we are and where we're going, and this team responded in exactly the same fashion I thought they would, with some toughness and class."
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"This is one of the most difficult scenarios I've had to deal with as a coach."
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"We've got (Iowa coach) Steve Alford and (Iowa State coach) Wayne Morgan to thank. If they were not willing to play us, we'd be sitting where Missouri State is."
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"What he has done this season, and the consistency he's brought to the table for us, has been unbelievable."
"Unfortunately, both of my decisions turned out to be the wrong one, but that's kind of the way it's gone here the last couple of weeks."
"You start with character and work ethic. And you do your research on their feel for the game and their ability to accept coaching. If you talk to enough people, you can get those answers."
"The thing I don't like about it is, it takes away Christmas. That break is refreshing for players and coaches to spend a couple days with their families, without basketball. I know the conference is real sensitive to that, as well."
"First of all, my gratitude to the donor goes beyond words. To think someone views our program in such regard that they would be willing to make a substantial financial donation to supplement our program, it's really hard for me to fathom. I'm very appreciative."
"I was pleased with how we responded. Our defensive toughness, intelligence and intensity was where it had been and where it has to continue to be."
"He just had a great feel and a tremendous passion for the game."
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"We would have been in deep trouble without him."
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"We shared the same vision."
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"I didn't think defensively we were as good as we've been. When we made mistakes, they made us pay for it."
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"We made more mistakes tonight that led to easy baskets for them than we have in a long time. Some of the things weren't typical for us."
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"This is my job and that's all there is to it. I haven't talked to anybody nor do I plan to."
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"Two of our better defenders and leaders are not close to 100 percent."
"Turnovers led to a few, free baskets. That is the cardinal sin against them -- you just can't allow them to do it."
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"That's about as good an individual performance as anybody has had at the UNI-Dome against one of our teams. He was outstanding."

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