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10 Jeff Hartings quotes:

"I used my regular locker from when I was a Lion. Any comfort zone you can find."
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"I don't know if you call it giving up on the run. We knew if they put that safety down (on the line of scrimmage), we were going to try to throw the ball, and we did. We put up 31 points and over 300 yards passing, so it wasn't a bad decision."
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"They're down in the locker room. They're out on the practice field occasionally. They're 100 percent involved. It just trickles down from there to the general manager, the coach and the players."
Author: Hartings Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"When the guy who is signing your check is in the locker room asking about your family and cares about every minute detail, it sends a message to the coach, to the general manager and that trickles down to the players."
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"I talked to him on the sideline and I kind of got a sense that this might be his last game. As much as I think he'd like to come back, I think he realizes there is not a whole lot left in the tank after 13,000 yards. It's tough for me to think about going through this whole thing again. That's why you have to take some time. You take a month or two and evaluate as soon as the emotion is out of the way."
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"The game plan is different with him, to take advantage of his speed. I don't know if there's another running back in the league who can get down the sideline as fast as he does."
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"The game plan is different with him, to take advantage of his speed."
Author: Hartings Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"We probably should have lost that game, really. We made a lot of mistakes. You don't expect them to miss two field goals and get that many chances, that's for sure."
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"I think right now we played two teams that hadn't necessarily played their best football, that's for sure,"
Author: Hartings Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"I expected (Lions president) Matt Millen to come in and do a great job. He's a great football guy. I just think things haven't gone his way with some draft picks."
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