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Rodrigo Rato Quotes

10 Rodrigo Rato quotes:

"This is a very good moment for Latin America to take advantage of very good economic circumstances."
Author: Rato Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Those arrears have been cleared but also there are issues right now regarding the consistency of data and we are working on that."
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Consistency Quotes
"Alleviation of that debt will help achieve a substantial poverty reduction."
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"Our intent is to make the fund more focused on the key priorities of this effort by making our advice to individual members and the whole international community more effective."
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"Those are the three main elements in which we're working with Iraqi authorities,"
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"The prospect of the fund declining to provide financial support would strengthen the incentives to implement sound policies, thus avoiding the need for fund support in the first place."
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"I'm very glad to see that the biggest shareholder of the Fund has already expressed publicly its support for this agenda and other significant countries have done so to."
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"The problem is that good economic performance rests on a shaky foundation, because of large and continuing global imbalances."
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"However, we do see some significant risks that under certain circumstances could increase the vulnerability of the global economy."
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"I think the Chinese authorities, one, clearly recognize the advantage to move to a more flexible monetary system and, two, they recognize it has to be done in a gradual way but that it has to be done without delay,"
Author: Rato Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes

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