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David Menlow Quotes

6 David Menlow quotes:

"Certainly this is a decided advantage for AT&T ( T : Research , Estimates ) to have this wireless strategy already in place, so Bell Atlantic is not going to just sit by and let AT&T beat them."
Author: Menlow Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"We're fighting the two biggest enemies of the IPO market right now, uncertainty and volatility."
Author: Menlow Quotes Category: Enemies Quotes
"This will give people the hope that Linux jumps in and topples Microsoft."
Author: Menlow Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Here's the reality for John or Jane Q. Public. If the stock prices at $125 and I want to buy 100 shares, I've got to write a check for $12,500. There's going to be a psychological disconnect for the average investor."
Author: Menlow Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"The longer it takes Navarre to come to market with a filing, the greater the risk this window of bullish Internet opportunity will close."
Author: Menlow Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"These companies are far more financially mature, and their value is for the most part understated. The market is finally getting it. It's a delayed reaction to how the IPO markets have progressed and improved over the past two years."
Author: Menlow Quotes Category: Value Quotes

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