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"Getting guys out of their comfort zone is big. Young guys usually don't respond well to adversity. If we do that from the get-go and be on them, they'll have a tough time responding to that and to the pressure."
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"We've just got to take care of what we can control. We can't really do anything about the other games. We just need to make sure we win and see what happens from there."
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"He understands his role. He's a starter and the coaches and players all have confidence in him. We all support each other equally. That's the type of little things that make teams good."
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"It's not like they needed a buzzer beater to beat Kansas. They were in control the whole game. The seeding is irrelevant at this point."
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"Personally, I had a great afternoon. As a team we did a hard defense and took good shots. It is the first time I hit 40 points in one match."
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"We haven't done so well in the noon games. We recognized that and made sure we got to bed and got our rest. I don't know why it happens. But it was something we recognized and talked about."
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"We'd been preparing for that the last couple of days. We knew Aaron was going to make the right choices."
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"We're definitely excited. We've done our best to stay up and motivated for these games. We want to prove to ourselves and show people what we can do. We're pretty confident about it. We get to go down to South Carolina, see what we can do, maybe surprise some people or show them what we're made of."
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"What hurt us last year was giving up penetration and then giving up open shots. That's what they do really well. We know that. It's something we're aware of. It's no secret. It's just a matter of us being able to execute it in the game."
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"It was a little bit surprising. But I guess with the way it's happened in the past, maybe it isn't too surprising."
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"They have a lot of older guys. They make very few turnovers. They capitalize off your mistakes. It's hard to get them out of their comfort zone. They have a lot of seniors and juniors who have been playing for a while. We're going to have to match their efficiency and be just as solid as they are if we want to be in there with them and get the win."
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"I think the sky's the limit for this team. We have lots of talent. We're really deep. Dixon has done a really good coaching job. He's gotten us to work on our weaknesses. We're getting better and better, progressing each game."
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"The sky's the limit for this team. We have lots of talent. We're deep."
Author: Kendall Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"The way a team goes is the way its leaders go. Carl has been trying really hard. I think maybe that's been a problem, where he's trying too hard, almost, and he just needs to let the game come to him. He's a smart enough guy that he's going to recognize that, and he knows that we need him to play well in order for us to be successful."
"They were definitely out there battling. They gave us some problems."
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